Hi! I`m Lara, a photographer and world traveler wandering to the earth´s wildest places. I love exploring remote corners of the globe - in search of unspoilt nature, authentic wilderness and adventures. My wanderlust has taken me to 89 countries on 6 continents to date. When I´m not on the road, I am based near Frankfurt, Germany.

Having Scandinavian roots, I am drawn to the Arctic & Nordic nations like Finland and Greenland, fascinated by polar lights and glacial ice. My favourite places are those in extreme conditions,  and I feel pure freedom capturing the African savannah,  vast desert dunes and active volcanoes.

I`m a certified freediver which allows me to shoot underwater without being limited by any equipment and gets me closer to shy animals. Swimming and diving with whales and sharks are my most special wildlife encounters.

Through my images, I wish to show that these places and wildlife deserve protection. We depend on them just as much, as every creature plays it´s unique role in our complex environmental system. Every person´s personal decisions make a difference, that´s why I decided to live a vegan and plastic-free lifestyle.

All Images are available for licensing.

To get in contact, just send a message using the contact form below or find me on Instagram!


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